Boarding Training

Course introduction

Our boarding training arranges pets to board at The Grand Dogaroo Pet Hotel for 14 to 30 days, during which the pets will receive outdoor and indoor individual training from our dog trainers each day, and also socialization time. Dog owners need only tell our trainers during check-in about their dog’s background or what behavioural problems they would like to have corrected, and what commands they would like their dogs to learn, and based on this, our trainers will conduct targeted training for them.

Once boarding training is over, dog owners must attend 2 to 4 sessions of classes, so that they can understand and put into practise what their dog has learned and know how to adapt at home. Therefore, 70% of the training is performed by our trainers, with the remainder being home training practised by the owners, which is an essential part of the program.

Benefit 1:

  • Easy to understand; owners can correct their dogs’ behavioural problems in relatively short time, making this a suitable choice for busy dog owners


  • When behavioural problems appear in dogs, it is usually caused by owners sending the wrong messages to them, therefore some behavioural problems like being emotional, separation anxiety, timidness, or lack of social skills, may be effectively corrected by temporarily separating the dog and its owner.


  • Because of close contact with the dogs everyday, our dog trainers can quickly understand the dogs’ character and problems, and design the most suitable training programs for them, to achieve more significant results.


  • During boarding training, dogs will be trained by different professional trainers, so that they will follow the commands of different individuals, thus improving the stability of the training results


  • When dogs lose confidence in their companions, it is very difficult for them to re-assimilate into their social circle. Training dogs to have good social skills will help them assimilate into both the human and dog world.