Luxurious 5 Star Pet Hotel

  • The Grand Dogaroo Pet Hotel is the first pet hotel awarded by the ISO 9000 Quality Management System in Hong Kong.

Fully equipped, providing the most comfortable boarding environment

  • The design and use of materials at The Grand Dogaroo Pet Hotel is not only referenced from large-scale pet hotels overseas, but is also comparable to a five-star hotel. Within our 8000 square foot property, our interior design, ventilation, air-conditioning, and plumbing systems are all specially designed to provide our pets with a supreme environment, so that they can have an enjoyable vacation while their owners are away.

Tailor-made programs to meet each pet’s daily habits

  • Our service can not only co-ordinate with the different needs of owners, but also design special programs to meet the daily habits of pets in order to create a sense of belonging and easily adapt to new surroundings.

Holder of the Boarding Establishment Licence from the HKAFCD

  • The Grand Dogaroo Pet Hotel meets the strict requirements of the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and is a holder of the Boarding Establishment Licence.