Our daycare service can enhance the social skills of dogs, so that not only are they able to assimilate into the human world, but they will also have the social skills needed to interact with their own species, thus reducing resistance towards, fear of, and attacking of other dogs, and other similar problems. Also, dogs in our daycare service are cared for by professional dog nannies and internationally accredited dog trainers, and are provided with a comfortable place for them to play in, so that they won’t have to stay at home alone ever again.

Daycare service includes:

  • Basic checkup everyday
  • Meals (meal times will be arranged according to your dog’s habits)
  • Time for socializing

Daycare service hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 7:30 pm


  • All dogs in daycare or daycare training must meet basic preventive requirements. This service must be booked through telephone 2 days in advance.