Dog Behavior + Obedience Training Course

Course introduction

The correct way to effectively teach a dog to learn different instructions and listen to its owner’s commands, is to first understand a dog’s behaviour. That way, you can understand how they think and learn. Therefore, there is a significant relationship between dog behaviour and obedience training.

This course aims to help dog owners understand what their dogs really need, and to effectively deliver the correct messages to them, so that they can train their dogs to execute different commands, increase their obedience, stability, and enhance the relationship between owners and dogs, and to prevent bad behaviour from appearing in dogs.

Also, training in small groups can increase a dog’s social skills, so that they can assimilate into the human world, and also have the social skills needed to interact with their own species, thus reducing resistance towards, fear of, and attacking of other dogs, and other similar problems.

Course content:

  • Canine theory, how a dog thinks and learns
  • Communication and body language between dogs
  • How to use dog training equipment
  • Use of commands
  • Social skills and how to prevent bad behavioural problems
  • How to deliver messages to your dog
  • Use and practise of commands


  • Dogs of all ages
  • Dogs who have received 3 basic vaccinations or regular booster vaccinations
  • Canines without any serious behavioural issues (please contact our customer service personnel for more details)

Course information:

  • 5 lessons, 6 hours in total
  • Lesson 1 – Theory (pet owners only)
  • Lesson 2 to 5 – Practical (Owners must bring their dogs to class)
  • Only small group training is available for this course
  • All dogs and their owners must pass the exam in order to receive a certificate
  • Students of this course may set their own class schedule; please contact our customer