Service Introduction

A professional, caring, and safe pet grooming service is what all dog owners want, and we are committed to providing that service.

Feature one: Professional equipment – Use of ozone water

The ozone water machine is a key equipment in our grooming department. Ozone must combine with the water particles in the air (or) and transform to produce O and OH in order to kill bacteria, disinfect, and remove odours. Because ozone water already has ozone steadily dissolved into it, it can directly unleash its powerful disinfecting and sterilisation effect without needing to transform first. Not only is it effective in killing various types of bacteria, like E-coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, MRSA, etc., but it is also effective against various viruses and micro-bacteria. Therefore, highly concentrated ozone water is a strong oxidizing agent and efficient sterilizer, which can be used in soap free hand-washing and disinfecting, sterilizing surfaces, sterilizing and breaking down the residual compounds in food and produce, removing odours, etc., making it a “functional water” with many uses.

The effects of ozone water on the skin of pets

  • Ozone water has a strong deodorizing effect, which can remove pet odours
  • It can effectively kill bacteria found on pets’ skin (including different types of skin diseases or ringworm); long-term usage can enhance skin immunity
  • It is an all-natural, non-chemical sterilizer and can be used periodically or long term without damaging pets’ skin

Feature two: High transparency, keeping you at ease

Our grooming department is situated right beside our dog cafe; pet owners can enjoy a high tea whilst watching their beloved pets being groomed (including nail-cutting, anal gland massage, ear-cleaning, eye-cleaning, hair-grooming, trimming hair under paws and belly, bathing, hair-cutting, etc.) by our grooming staff.

Feature three: Caring and professional grooming staff

Through a strict selection process and training, our professionally qualified grooming staff are committed to meet the needs of pet owners by providing the highest quality and most caring pet grooming service.