Problem Solving Course

Course introduction

Many of us treat dogs as humans, thinking that their way of thinking is the same as ours. However, we forget that dogs are very different from us in regards to their lifestyle and how they think. Because of this difference in lifestyles, dogs will not be able to immediately get used to our way of life, and this is how different behavioural problems arise.

Problem solving aims to solve behavioural problems that dogs can have, for example barking randomly, urinating and defecating everywhere, protecting their food, pulling at their leash when walking, pouncing on people, emotional outbursts, separation anxiety, timidness, aggression towards or even attacking of humans and dogs, etc.

This course aims to provide for dog owners a further understanding of the psychology of dogs and how they think, thereby grasping the skills needed to correct a dog’s bad behaviour and help to elevate the owner’s position, thus improving the relationship between the owner and the dog.


  • Dogs who have the above mentioned or other behavioural problems

Course information:

  • 3 lessons, 3.5 hours in total
  • Only private or at-home training classes are available for problem solving course
  • Dog owners must attend all classes with their dogs
  • Students of this course may choose when to have a lesson, but must book the lesson at least two weeks in advance.