Puppy Training

Course introduction

Puppy training is suitable for puppies aged 4 months and under. At 8 to 16 weeks old, they are very much influenced by their surroundings, which could affect their future development. What they learn during this period of time will be reflected in their character, behaviour, and possibly even their adult life.

Therefore, at this stage dog owners should help their puppies develop good character, correct wrong behaviour, and build their confidence, thereby making it easier for them to assimilate into the human world. Otherwise, as the puppies grow up they may develop anxiety, get out of control, be destructive, and have other similar problems, which will affect the relationship between them and their owners.

Course content:

  • Puppy theory, how a puppy thinks and learns
  • Toilet training method
  • Use of commands
  • How to correct and prevent a puppy’s bad habits
  • Train dogs to have proper social skills
  • Enhance a puppy’s confidence through the use of different props
  • Basic canine care, nutrition, and medical knowledge


  • Canines 8 to 16 weeks old
  • Canines who have already received two basic vaccinations or regular booster vaccinations
  • Canines without any serious behavioural issues (please contact our customer service personnel for more details)

Course information:

  • 3 lessons, 3 hours in total
  • Small group training and individual training
  • Owners must bring their dogs to all lessons