Swimming Exercise Pool


The Grand Dogaroo Pet Hotel is equipped with a professional large-scale indoor heated pet swimming exercise pool, which is very rare in the city center, where dog owners can bring their dogs for a swim in their spare time, and is also great exercise for boarding dogs to improve their physical fitness.

The benefits of swimming

  • Enhances cardiopulmonary and tracheal functioning
  • Helps to strengthen joints, cartilage, and the development of surrounding muscles, in order to decrease and prevent joint problems
  • Boosts blood circulation and metabolism
  • Enhances immunity
  • Prevents arthritis
  • Boosts confidence
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Helps to relieve stress

Safe and hygienic; no chemicals are added during the sterilization process

In order to meet the needs of pets, aside from keeping the water at a constant temperature no chemicals whatsoever are added during the sterilization process of our swimming pool. Instead, we have chosen to use double UV light for sterilizing,and unique hair filtering and oil removing equipment, so that your beloved pets will receive added protection while strengthening their bodies.

Situated indoors with constant water temperature for year-round exercise

Our swimming pool is situated indoors, and is equipped with a system that keeps the water temperature constant, so that your beloved pets can swim all-year-round in a heated swimming pool.

The correct swimming method taught by professional dog trainers, decreasing the occurrence of dogs’ fear of water

The trainer and assistant will lead the dog into the pool after rinsing, taking care of it individually, and proper swimming skills will be taught by the trainer step by step. A life jacket and collar will be used necessarily in order to decrease the occurrence of fear of water, and to make sure the dog gets all-rounded exercise, ensuring a balanced development and healthy growth.

Serviced swimming exercise pool

Dog owners need only sit at our cafe and enjoy a cup of coffee while watching their beloved pet receive professional swimming training, and then cared for by our grooming staff.